Original Great Coats

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Federal soldier wearing an infantryman's greatcoat


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Schuylkill Arsenal infantry great coat. Made of   21oz. wool kersey The coat has a six button cape, which starts about an inch in (on both sides) from the edge of the coat and roll down cuffs. The back has an  ajustable back made of two stripes of wool about seven inches long each. There are two button holes on the left strip with one button on the right strip The bottom of the coat has a split opening. The collar is about three inches high and has three lines of stiching running completely around it. (Notice the two sets of hooks and eyes in the collar)

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The linning is made of a "burlap" type material with muslin sleeve linnings. The coat has an arsenal stamp and size stamp, but no inspector stamp in the right sleeve linning.

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There are three cotton duck pactches sewn on the inside of the coat to help reenforce the ajustable back wool strips The "V" split in the back of the coat is reenforced with a wool facing and is hand sewn down.

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